The Ladies Car

The Ladies Car depicts the journey of Ida B. Wells (NAACP co-founder), a resilient young school teacher fighting a lone battle for equality in the segregated south, once she is thrown off a Memphis train by the white mob. Ida uses her wits and tenacity to pursue justice and vengeance against the railroad giant all while struggling to please her family and friends, explore love and her life’s purpose.

What is The Ladies Car

The Ladies Car is a stage play, written by Tiana L. Ferrell (descendant of Ida B. Wells), which highlights Ida B. Wells’ victory with the Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern Railroad Company.  In 1883, Ida purchased a first-class ticket and boarded a Memphis train headed to Woodstock, Tennessee. When requested by a train conductor to move from the first-class ladies car to the Colored car, which was also a smoking car, Ida refused and was forcibly removed from the train. As a result, she hired an attorney and filed suit in 1884 against the Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern Railroad Company.  Ida’s attorney won the case in circuit court arguing the company didn’t offer “separate but equal” accommodations for Blacks and Whites. Ida was awarded $500 in damages. This case took place before the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court decision that established the “separate but equal” policy and legalized racial segregation, making Ida a pioneer in the fight of desegregation.

Why The Ladies Car is important

Ida is credited with founding the NAACP, and being instrumental in the civil rights and women suffrage movements, but her victory with the railroad company is widely unrecognized. More than 70 years before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus, Ida stood her ground on a Memphis train. The Ladies Car will inspire and encourage our community to fight for their rights and freedoms as Ida did over a century ago.

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Meet the Cast 

Cindi J. Davis grew up in Virginia Beach, VA and always had a passion for the performing arts from a young age. She began honing her skills at Landstown High School while participating in theater and chorus. Shortly after, Cindi earned a performance-based scholarship to attend The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York. Some of her credits include: The Crucible (Tituba), Cinderella (Fairy Godmother), and Guys and Dolls (Mimi). Cindi is both excited and honored to play the role of Ida B. Wells and would like to thank Tiana Ferrell and Kimberly Fletcher for this wonderful opportunity. In addition, she would like to thank her family and friends for their support and God for allowing her to pursue her dreams.

Ariel Ford has been acting since she was 4 years old. She was cast in her first musical at the age of 7, where she fell more in love with performing. Ariel studied theatre at Georgia State University, where she performed in many plays including Carnival Medea: A Bacchanal, Trouble in Mind, and Cosmic Civil War. She was nominated for the KCACTF for her performance as Millie Davis in Trouble in Mind and competed in 2015. Ariel is also a screenwriter, director, and producer of her own films. She’s also the Assistant Director at Young Actors Playhouse, where she teaches children how to excel in their craft. Ariel is excited to be gracing the stage again as Cora in The Ladies Car and cannot wait to be a part of the story of Ida B. Wells.

Gwen Hudson
A native of Mississippi, Gwen Hudson began to pursue her dream of being an actor as a new endeavor after a 30-year career in telecommunications. After retirement, she began to volunteer in a couple of theatre companies and soon recognized that she felt a visceral desire to be up on the stage as well, and to give expression, through the characters, to what many others experience in real life. Being an actor gives her joy, wonder, excitement, and fulfillment. Her favorite thing to do is bring some of that joy to the audience. She is thrilled and humbled to be a part of this production, and thanks you for your support.

Christopher Fredd, who is portraying the role of Mr. B, is proud to join the cast and crew of The Ladies Car. Christopher’s theater experience also includes the role of Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He is thoroughly committed to his passion and appreciates everyone taking the time to see it on display. He continues to perfect his craft through university study, workshops, and global training. When not acting, Christopher enjoys traveling around the world, the game of basketball and pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. He would like to thank his love ones for being constant pillars of support. God Bless & Enjoy. 11:11.

Jermaine Price
Jermaine is beyond thrilled to be playing the role of Bishop in his debut stage performance of the TF Production, The Ladies Car. Jermaine developed a passion for acting when he signed his young daughter up for actor training courses, then joined her in attending those courses. Most recently, you may have seen him as a patron in the Hallmark Production movie, Summer Nights and the FX Series Atlanta Season 2. He would like to extend a special thank you to the awesome cast, TF Productions for casting him and to you, the audience, for your support of this production.

Caleb Craig
Caleb grew up in Mobile, Alabama where he gained a passion for acting through his 10th grade drama class. He played tennis at Faulkner State Community College where he received his Associates Degree in Applied Science. Caleb was a cheerleader, Resident Assistant, and did student short films at University of Alabama in Huntsville where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems. Currently, Caleb is filming a web series and taking acting classes at the Pro Actors Studio. He lives to impress God and not man.

Julien Clark is excited to be making his debut to the world of theater! Although The Ladies Car will be his first theater production, he is no stranger to the entertainment industry. In his former career with Tiffany & Co. his events were often featured in publications such as ‘Modern Luxury’ and ‘The Atlantan’. He also recently appeared in episodes of ‘Late Night Eats’ on the Cooking Channel here in his native Atlanta. Julien looks forward to bringing to life a story that was so pivotal to the Civil Rights movement as he is passionate about living in a world with equality.

Allen Bosbyshell is from Charlotte, NC, where he attended Northwest School of the Arts. He has acted, directed, and created musical scores for multiple productions with The Possibility Project-Charlotte. He has performed in Atlanta with the GSU Players in Cosmic Civil War. In May, he will graduate from Georgia State University with a B.S. in Public Policy with a concentration in planning and economic development.

Terrence Stockton
Born in Maryland, Terrence has always wanted to be an actor. He grew up in Tennessee and got his start early on working in commercials while in elementary school. He later starred in a few high school plays then attended East Tennessee State University as a theater major. Terrence relocated to Georgia in 2016 to pursue acting where he hopes to make it his full time career.