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Tiana L. Ferrell is a writer and producer. She has several years of experience in the media profession serving as a journalist and editor. Tiana has had the pleasure of writing for various magazines, digital publications, and many other media outlets as well as serve as a frequent contributor and panelist. She loves her community and takes pride in advocating, empowering, and educating on strategies to enhance life issues while also eradicating systematic social ills.

  • So Emotional explores the various emotional moments we experience during our daily lives.

  • The Ladies Car is a stage play, written by Tiana L. Ferrell, which highlights Ida B. Wells’ victory with the Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern Railroad Company.

  • Tiana is a proud freedom fighter and advocate for social change. She is passionate about civil rights, women’s rights, and disability awareness.

The Ladies Car Stage Play The Story of Ida B. Wells

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